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The Farewell Sale: 50% Off Sitewide- All Sales Final
50% Off Sitewide- All Sales Final
The Valentine's Day Shop is Open!

The Valentine's Day Shop is Open!

Our feelings about Valentine's Day have waxed and waned, perhaps hitting an all-time low around those awkward middle school years when roses purchased by secret admirers were delivered to homeroom amidst a sea of watching eyes! Eek!

Valentine's Day Gift Shop for Women and Kids

Valentine's Day with kids, though? The peak! I'm here for all of the adorable cards, sweet notes from friends and the heart-themed gifts that serve as small reminders of the joy we get from one another which is why I'm so excited to announce that our Valentine's Day shop is OPEN

If you're shopping for a gift, know that we offer super easy returns and free shipping on orders over $100+.

Blue Hearts Collection of Pajamas and House Dresses

Our Blue Hearts Collection is back for a second year after nearly selling out in the first few days last year. I don't say this about everything, but if you're eyeing Blue Hearts, grab your size while you can! This print, created for us by Austin-based artist Kelly Colchin, is so good year-round, too!

Pink Floral Pajamas for Valentine's Day

If you're leaning into all of the pink, you can't go wrong with our Peace Picnic pieces or our cotton gauze dresses in Orchid. As with all everything in our shop, these pieces are designed to be worn day in and day out for years to come!

dreamy pajamas and house dresses for women and kids

Still not sure what to buy? Head to the shop or send us a message on Instagram! We are happy to help!

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