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Our Top 10 Snow Day Activities for Kids

Our Top 10 Snow Day Activities for Kids

As we hit peak winter, the snow days feel inevitable! Should the bliss of watching freshly fallen snow out your window turn to panic about the all of the hours spent cooped up inside with kids, we've got you covered! We put together a list of our favorite snow day activities for keeping kids happy, entertained and even getting out some of that energy! (Disclaimer: these activities are best explored after a few deep breaths and a large cup of coffee.)

snow day kids activities girl in red beanie and navy blue coat in the snow

1. Make Slime:

    Slime may be messy, but kids love it and there are actual benefits to children making and playing with slime! Here is a simple recipe with items you should have hanging around the house. 

    Homemade Slime Recipe

    2. Balloon Tennis:

    We found this game on Pinterest and LOVE the idea. Such simple and inexpensive materials that most likely you have around the house and less likelihood of breaking things.


    Balloon Tennis: Indoor Fun!

    3. Chop Chef Jr. 

    Have a budding chef or two in your family? Challenge them to make a meal for your themselves and you be the judge! Who made the best pancakes, pasta, sandwich, etc. Here are some kid friendly recipes that might inspire them to get cooking! (Yes, it will be messy. Encourage them to help with the clean up!)

    Simple Recipes to make with your kids

    4. What’s Missing? Game:

    We think your family will love our favorite family game that can actually be played two ways. 1. Put 20 small items on a tray (or cookie sheet). Items can include simple items such as a crayon, spoon, lego, sugar packet, pencil eraser…you get it. Set a timer and let your children look at the tray for 30 seconds. Then remove one of the items and move the items into different spots. Let your children see the tray again. The winner is the first to notice which items is missing. You can repeat until they get bored with these items or let the winner set up their own tray. 2. Ask all players to enter a room of your house. Let them look around for 30 seconds. Ask them to leave and remove one item from the room. When they return the person who figures out what is missing is the winner. Repeat throughout the house and/or remove different items from the same room. 


    What’s Missing Game Instructions

    5. Family Movie:

    Everyone loves a good movie night (or day!) Pop some corn and snuggle up in your pajamas (or favorite House Dress). Here are some suggestions that your whole family will enjoy! 

    78 Best Family Friendly Movies

    6. Pitch an Indoor Tent:

    Regardless if you have an actual tent, blankets and pillows will do. Perhaps the living room (or basement) is the perfect place to let your kids camp out!

    homemade marshmallow recipe

    7. Make homemade marshmallows for smores/hot chocolate:

    After playing in the snow, what child (or adult) doesn’t love a steaming mug of hot cocoa or a warm Smore. Make these cold weather treats even better. This recipe will help make your special sweet treat even better! 

    Homemade Marshmallow Recipe from Martha Stewart

    8. Do a Family Exercise Routine: 

    During the pandemic when schools were closed, we started Boot Camp exercises on a daily basis – goodness knows we all needed a break from our electronics, and to move around a bit. My kids still ask for a work out every now and again! This is a great resource for family friendly workouts. 

    Live Strong Family Friendly Workout Suggestions.

    9. Learn a TikTok dance together:

    If you can’t beat them, join them! You would be surprised how many TikTok dances your kids actually know! Let them teach you a thing or two – who knows? Your family might be the next viral sensation! 

    Simple TikTok Dances

    10. Make your own box fort:

    You might need to plan ahead for this one! Instead of putting your BIG boxes out on the curb – encourage your children to wallpaper, paint, you name it! 

    DIY Box Fort

       Need a few more ideas? Head on over to our Pinterest account. We have created a whole board dedicated to more fun family friendly indoor activities for a snow day!

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