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La Paloma’s Easter Basket Picks

La Paloma’s Easter Basket Picks

Now that spring has sprung, Easter is right around the corner! And you know that that means…a friendly visit from the Easter Bunny! We have heard of many Easter traditions but what remains pretty consistent is a basket full of goodies. In an effort to go a little bit beyond the typical Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs, not that we aren’t a fan of both, here are some other fun suggestions your family might enjoy:


    • We just had to kick-off our list with our bunny pajamas. Designed by Hadas Hayun, an illustrator, textile designer and artist, based in Tel Aviv, Israel of the softest 100% organic cotton, these pajamas are sure to be your little ones favorite for the spring and summer! La Paloma Spring Collection Pajamas
    • Of course we know every basket is not complete without a LITTLE candy, but why not at least try to make it a little healthier. That is why we are putting Smart Sweets into our baskets this season. This WOB is truly one that we can and will support. Candy we all know and love, like fish, licorice and gummy bears with 92% less sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no added sugar, colored with fruit and veggies juices…and tastes so good they (and you) will never know what’s missing! Smart Sweets Candy
    • What little one, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t love a little bling, and when it is empowering than all the more reason to add Little Words Project bracelets to their baskets. Another kick-butt WOB, Little Words Project “aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and to pay that kindness forward, one bracelet at a time!” At a sweet price point, most $25, with words and phrases like “Resilience”, “You Can Do This”, “Be Yourself” and “Inspire” – not only will they love to show off this bunny gift, but when they meet someone that may need their own inspiration, Little Words Project bracelets are meant to be shared so then you can track your kindness! Little Words Project beaded bracelets
    • Tub time in our house can last an hour or so…why not encourage a little creativity while they are at it with Honey Sticks bath crayons and bath drops. Made from 100% natural food and food grade non-toxic ingredients, their products are safer and better for children than the usual if they happen to get put in their mouths (which we all have experienced at some point!) Of course we love the sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging that they are stored and shipped in. Honey Sticks Crayons
    • Speaking of Tub Time, have you tried Tubby Todd’s plant-based organic bath products! The Spring Collection, which comes in the most delicious limited edition pear blossom scent, also includes the cutest bunny and egg bath bombs that kids of all ages will love to add to their daily routine and it’s a non-sugary treat you will love to include in their baskets! Tubby Todd’s Spring Collection
    • No basket is complete without a stuffed bunny, and we think Cuddle + Kind makes the MOST adorable ones! Not only are they just the sweetest to look at, but for each doll purchased, this family owned business gives 10 meals to hungry children worldwide – partnering with charities that include The Children’s Hunger Fund and World Food Program USA School Meals Program. What a great way to teach your children how small things, like buying from these amazing businesses, can make big impacts! Cuddle + Kind
    • We are always looking for ways to “spice up” meal time, and these adorable bento boxes from Austin Baby Collection are cute as anything! Not only are they perfect for meal time, but they can also be used to organize arts and crafts or to put toys in for road trips! We love a good mom hack! Austin Baby Co Bento Boxes
    • Now that the sun is shining, your little ones could use a new pair of sunnies too! These adorable Wildflower Babiators have stolen our hearts - and they are currently on sale so why not buy a few? Babiators - Children’s sunglasses
    • If you didn’t already know, we are huge fans of independent book stores, especially those that stock interesting and unique children’s books. Our go-to shop has the perfect book for your little girls (or boys) baskets, The Adventures of Lily Huckberry in Scandinavia. This hardbound edition with gold foil pages is not only beautiful to look at - it has a wonderful message! It is isthe first book of a travel series for kids that aims to, show kids the beauty + diversity of this world, give them a brave female role model to look up to, foster children's imaginations and create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure! The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia
  • If you have not heard of Gunner & Lux before, than you are about to be impressed! This father and daughter jewelry business was started in 2015 when Riley was 5, yes 5!, years old! They sell the most adorable children’s jewelry, including this flower bracelet, at perfect price points, that both mamas and their minis will enjoy (and maybe even share!). Gunner and Lux Flower Bracelet

Looking for more ideas to fill your little one’s baskets? Head on over to our Pinterest page and you just might get inspired!

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