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A Shared Bedroom for Two Sisters

A Shared Bedroom for Two Sisters

Once upon a time there were two sisters, three years apart who dreamt of sharing a room! The room they would be sharing was just 12' x 11' so the space had to be designed with a lot of intention to make the most of it! Here's the full tour:

a shared girls bedroom with two twin beds with upholstered headboards

"I immediately fell in love with these upholstered beds. They're from Room & Board and you can choose from a bunch of different upholstery options. The girls really wanted to paint their walls pink so I chose the teal upholstery to contrast it."

drawer in bed

Surprise! Because this room is small, these hidden drawers in the beds were a major bonus! We mostly use them for books, stuffed animals and winter clothes in the off season!

kids nightstand from room and board with a single lamp

kids wall art

The room is only big enough for one night stand, so they share! One sister gets the top drawer and the other the bottom drawer. So far it has worked out!

bench with mini ruffle pillows from la paloma

upholstered curtains for girls room

Our favorite bench! I love the contrast upholstery of the cushion and the small space design. The girls can climb up on it to take a peek in the mirror. It's also where we lay their clothes for school out the night before. Also, we love our special La Paloma pillows!

When we designed this house, we intentionally made the upstairs bedrooms small. Our hope was that those rooms would be for sleeping and daytime hours would be spent in the common areas like the kitchen, play room or living room. So far it has worked out! They're nine and almost six now and the room arrangement is still going strong!

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