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3 Halloween Costumes We Love for Kids

3 Halloween Costumes We Love for Kids

Halloween is high on the list of my favorite days of the year! It feels like the beginning of fall here in Austin which is the best season! Also, we shut down the street each year for the evening so it feels like a giant neighborhood block party. While we can't help with the early morning wake up call come Tuesday, we can help with creating cute kids costumes out of their favorite La Paloma pieces! They're so much cozier than the synthetic fibers you find in packaged Halloween costumes and you'll have them for years to come! 

kids rainbow costume

rainbow costume for kids

The Rainbow

Few things are as sunny and cheerful as a small child dressed as a rainbow! Since we are pro smiling and happiness, we give this fan favorite two thumbs up! 


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


  • Red felt (½ yd), orange felt (½ yd), yellow felt (½ yd), green felt (¼ yd), blue felt (¼ yd), purple felt (⅛ yd), white felt (¼ yd)
  • Red grosgrain ribbon
  • White sticky peel off thick felt sheets
  • La Paloma Ribbed Knit Set in Golden


  • Measure arm to arm for length of widest part of red
  • Measure base of neck to belly button for longest part of rainbow
  • Cut semi circle with guidelines of largest measurements out of red felt
  • Move 1” for following semi circle shape from outer rim of each color to cut remaining orange, yellow, green, blue and purple felt so that they stack nicely
  • Use a hot glue gun to attach felts together- orange on red, yellow on orange, green on yellow etc.
  • Use thick one sided peel off sticky white felt to create a 1” border across bottom of rainbow
  • Stick white felt to rainbow
  • Cut out 3 cloud shapes and use glue gun to glue to white border along bottom of rainbow
  • Use red grosgrain ribbon to glue to inside of front and back tops or rainbows to fall on the shoulders

kids fairy princess costume halloween

fairy princess costume for toddlers

The Fairy Princess

Whether it's Halloween or not, this is a simple costume to keep in your playroom for a rainy day. Fairy wings and wands get a lot of good use in our house!


  • La Paloma gauze dress in orchid
  • slipper-like shoes like these or these
  • fairy wings and wand. We love these from Etsy.


  • Simply get dressed!

lion kids halloween costume wizard of oz lion king

lion kids costume for halloween felt mask

The Lion

There's never been a better excuse to channel the courage of the lion than Halloween! Whether it's part of a Wizard of Oz or Lion King tribute or a stand alone ode to the King of Beasts, this costume ranks high on the cuteness scale. 


  • La Paloma gauze dress in saffron 
  • cozy knit layers depending on the temperature where you live
  • brown shoes like these or these
  • lion mask and tail via Etsy or make them yourself from felt
  • safety pin


  • get dressed!
  • apply tail to the back of the dress with a safety pin


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