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The Kid's French Braid Step by Step Tutorial (with Sparkly Hair Clips, of course!)

If you've ever wondered how to french braid kids hair, this easy french braid tutorial is for you!

1. Begin by separating three small sections of hair at the crown of the head. For a tighter, slicked back braid you can begin this at the center hairline, but I like to leave the braid loose in the front. Plus, this style is much quicker.

2. Now cross the left side over center and then the right side over center. At this point, all three strands of hair will be held in my left hand, separated by fingers. This leaves my right hand index finger free to scoop up the next strand of hair from the right side and cross it over center. Now shuffle the three strands into my right hand so that I can do the same thing on the left side if the left index finger.

3. Continue repeating these simple steps until all of the hair has been scooped up and incorporated into the braid. (We have more french braid tutorial details on our site here.)

4. At this point, you should be near the nape of the neck and can continue braiding in a simple three strand braid fashion. Secure the french braid at the end with a rubber band.

5. This step is what makes this easy french braid hairstyle for kids a favorite for my daughter-- sparkly, bedazzled jewel clips, of course! (You can find your own here, here or here!) Add your clips wherever you like!