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Prints We Love: Golden Gingham

Prints We Love: Golden Gingham

yellow gingham cotton dresses for kids

It goes without saying that we have a soft spot for gingham– especially in pajama form!

Kids Eating Breakfast in Yellow Gingham Pajama Sets with Pants and Long Sleeve Tops

What you may not know is that gingham has been around for centuries, dating back to the early 1800s in the US.  Although gingham was once considered more of a “durable” fabric worn, as yes, a house dress and/or used for household linens, it quickly grew to become a pattern that was considered universally flattering and stylish.

 Children's Organic Cotton Pajamas in 100% Cotton in Yellow Gingham Print

From Judy Garland’s iconic blue gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz to Brigitte Bardot’s pink gingham wedding dress, all the most fashionable ladies, have strutted their stuff in gingham at one time or another.  Whether you're the Queen of Pop like Rhianna strutting the streets of NYC in a pink gingham skirt suit or a real princess like four-year-old Charlotte, gingham is a timeless print that works over and over again. 

Cotton Pajama Sets for Kids in Short Sets and Long Sets in Yellow Gingham Print

We launched our yellow gingham print in our class Parker House Dress, but quickly evolved it into our organic cotton pajama sets as requested by you guys. Now you can shop this sunny print in our classic Women's House Dress, in the kid's Mae Dress and in short set pjs, too!

What other colors would you like to see in gingham?

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