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Our Fall 2021 Playlist is live!

Our Fall 2021 Playlist is live!

The official arrival of fall surprisingly overlapped with the first cold front here in Austin. Praise be! The cool, crisp mornings are a much welcomed jolt to my system as I persuade kids to trade their pajamas for dresses and sweaters, zip up backpacks, and patiently usher little ones into the car for morning drop offs. Already, we've been clocking more hours outside. Afternoon snack picnics, meandering strolls around the neighborhood after dinner and marches through dewy grass towards the next soccer game come Saturday. 

I hope you'll take this playlist with you for all of your fall moments. For morning carpools, making dinner in the evenings, neighborhood strolls, and background music while you work. I have been listening on repeat and I hope you will, too!

Listen here!

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