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9 Clever and Chic Ways to Store Kids Books

9 Clever and Chic Ways to Store Kids Books

kids room book storage for the design lover

Reading and the love of reading is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give your children. We know that modeling behavior is important but according to Sheila Razdan, MD, MPH, Chief Resident in Pediatrics at St. Louis Children's Hospital, that just having books around/accessible can help them encourage them to read. “If there's always a book within reach, kids will be more likely to pick one up and read, even for a few minutes at a time." In the spirit of raising bookworms, we decided to take a deep dive into creative book storage designs and came up with these nine creative ideas...

photo ledges used to store books

1. Photo ledges are an ideal way to appreciate the beautiful art that many illustrators create for children's books. Is it just me or does adding a pom pom garland make reading even more enticing? 

small round book nook table for storing books

2. Don't overlook small spaces! Even the smallest of nooks are great opportunities to stock books. (This circular book shelf table is available here.)

playroom book storage for kids

3. Spines out on simple bookshelves allows you to store the most books in the least amount of space. This playroom set up is 10/10. (via Mamaste)

accessible book storage table for kids

4. Make books accessible to kids of all ages and abilities with this DIY book bin. (via This Little Street

baskets for books and loungewear

5. Baskets are a great way to refresh a handful of books in an accessible way in a bedroom or play room.

dollhouse book shelves for kids

6. Stylish and fun bookcases can transform a bed or playroom into a play space. These two are simply adorable. (via West Elm)

revolving book case for kids book storage

7. We love this idea of a revolving bookcase that can store a lot more books than a standard case and is perfect for smaller rooms to pack lots of book punch and kids love just about anything that spins!

boys book shelves above a desk

8. Wall-mounted shelves save precious floor space for toys and running around.

bench with cushion for book storage

9. We love storage spaces that have super powers, doubling in use for something else. How cute is this book storage bench? (And styling with our La Paloma Organic Cotton Ruffle Pillows checks all boxes ✅  )

Speaking of books, check the blog for our Mini Book Club posts for reading ideas! Happy reading, friends!


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