About the brand:

La Paloma is a collection of better sleep and loungewear for kids. As a mom of two girls who love wearing nightgowns to sleep, one night I was struck by how few options existed for them. After weeks of scouring the interwebs, I found one that would suffice. A week later as I was struggling to pull the already pilling polyester nightgown over my daughter's head I thought, "There has to be a better option." Now there is.

Our simple 100% cotton nightdresses go through an extensive three-wash process making them cozy enough for sleep and pretty enough to be worn all day. Our pieces are meant for dreaming and playing, traveling and exploring. 

For us embracing the magic of childhood means providing kids with the pieces they feel best in. Simple, beautiful, natural fiber pieces that allow them to rest and recharge and feel like a kid.

About the founder:

Jen Pinkston began her career in fashion at 22, fresh out of college. After short stints working backstage at fashion week and as a buyer, Jen landed in styling at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jen’s styling career spanned a decade and included jobs in television, red carpet, editorial and advertising on both coasts before she eventually decided to transition full-time to digital content creation. After more than a decade in Los Angeles, Jen and her husband Aaron moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas in 2016 where they now reside with their two young daughters, Parker and Ever.  

What We Believe:

The magic of childhood is so often found in the unstructured, unplanned moments. It’s eating banana pancakes on a Sunday morning at your favorite café. It’s that impromptu post-bath dance party with your sister. It’s searching for fireflies with your best mates as the sky fades to black. It’s the feeling of falling into your bed at the end of a long day of play, curious and excited as to what the next day will bring. La Paloma is for all of these moments.

Making Childhood Magical for Everyone:

We donate 10% of sales each month to Friends of the Children, an organization that aims to break the cycle of generational poverty for the most at-risk children by pairing them with professional mentors for 12+ years.