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The Farewell Sale: 50% Off Sitewide- All Sales Final
50% Off Sitewide- All Sales Final

Meet our Seaside Print!

From the moment we first touched down in Martha's Vineyard, I knew there was something special about this place. In fact, the quaint airport with its coastal shutters more closely resembles a beach hotel than a transportation hub.

We spent the week enjoying the meandering walks from our hotel cottage to the sparsely populated beach and more lobster rolls than I can count. On our last afternoon, we sat on the sand dunes with the girls and took it all in one last time– the sounds of the waves, the smell of the salt and the feeling of the beachgrass against my hand. I watched Parker kicking sand towards the water as seagulls soared above the waves and knew we would be back again.

It was this childhood magic that inspired our Seaside print– an homage to that perfect week in the summer sun! While we launched this print in our classic cotton house dress, we are thinking seriously about bringing it back is classic pajamas next spring. Thoughts?! Let us know in the comments!

Happy Summer!