Girl’s Cotton Nightgowns and Why We Love Them!

Girl’s Cotton Nightgowns and Why We Love Them!

When we decided to launch La Paloma with just one signature product, I always knew exactly what that would be: a cotton nightgown. My oldest daughter, Parker, naturally began gravitating towards sleeping in nightgowns around three-years-old. Once Ever hit two-years-old, she wanted to wear whatever her big sister was wearing and thus began our journey searching for the highest quality nightgowns.

What I discovered was that there weren’t really great options. That’s when I started to think about starting La Paloma. I wanted to make high-quality cotton nightgowns for girls that were timeless, but modern; playful, yet elevated from what I currently saw in the market. Here’s why shopping 100% cotton is so important when it comes to sleepwear:

  1. Cotton fabric is naturally breathable. Many kids sleep warm at night and cotton is the best way to wick away unwanted moisture.
  2. Our cotton nightgowns are made with lightweight oxford fabric. One of the things that makes oxford so unique is its dual durability and softness. It’s much more durable than a simple plain weave and much softer than a canvas.
  3. Our cotton nightgowns are designed to be all day gowns. They’re cozy enough for sleep and beautiful enough to be played in all day! They’ve been seen on beaches, hiking trails, and the coziest of beds alike!
  4. Cotton fabric is easy to care for. I don’t believe in kid’s clothes that have to be dry-cleaned. Childhood is for exploring, adventuring and making messes. Our cotton nightgowns can be machine washed and dried and all of our fabrics have undergone an extensive three wash process, so they won’t shrink or fade.

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