Anatomy of our Children's Nightgowns for Sleep, Lounge and Play!

Anatomy of our Children's Nightgowns for Sleep, Lounge and Play!

When Parker was two she began asking us to sleep in nightgowns. Since we didn't have any, she preferred her cotton day dresses to her standard pajamas. Once I began looking for them, I noticed that there was a lack of high quality nightgowns for children. I searched and searched but all of them were either made of synthetic materials or would pill after just a few washes. It was after years of settling that I decided to start La Paloma and create a better girl's nightgown. 

La Paloma Nightgowns - The Fabric:

The first thing I did in creating our nightgown was to attend one of the largest fabric trade shows in the world. I spent two days in the Javits Center meeting with mills from around the world, feeling samples and reading up on all of their different merits. Nothing should be cozier or of higher quality than kid's jammies!

We settled on cotton oxford after months of sampling! The oxford weave provides a level of texture similar to linen, but with more natural wrinkle resistance and durability. The fabric is custom milled to our specifications– light enough for breathability and comfort, but heavy enough for durability and quality. Our pajamas are cozy enough for sleep and pretty enough to be worn all day!

La Paloma Nightgowns - The Elastic Neckline:

The night that I decided to create better pjs for my kids, the idea came to me as I was struggling to pull a pilling, low quality nightgown over Ever's head. It was stuck! I ended up taking it off, stretching it with my hands and trying again to get it to fit. In that moment I knew how important it would be for our cotton nightgowns to slip easily over a child's head. I wanted to be able to dress themselves with ease! We started with a pleated 'v' shaped neckline to add volume to the body of the nightgown. Next we added a thin piece of elastic from one shoulder, around the back to the other. The elastic neckline allows the nightgown to sit perfectly as well as to slip over the head simply.

La Paloma Pajamas - The Print:

Artful pieces for artful kids. That was the motto when we were first deciding what types of printed pajamas we would make for kids. I saw the interest that my own daughters had in "real" art. I saw the beautiful prints designers were creating for women and in interiors. When I looked at children's pajamas, though, there was something lacking. 

From Day 1, we have always worked with incredibly talented illustrators to create truly inspired and artful prints for kids. From our Seaside print to our MultiColored Paloma Stripe, our prints are always unique and never found somewhere else. 

La Paloma Nightgowns - The Sleeve:

With a puff sleeve and small elastic ending, this sleeve can be worn long or pushed up as a true short sleeve. Worn long, the sleeve doesn't fit snug and gives plenty of room for the arm to move around. 

Our simple 100% cotton nightdresses go through an extensive three-wash process making them cozy enough for sleep and pretty enough to be worn all day. Our pieces are meant for dreaming and playing, traveling and exploring. 

For us embracing the magic of childhood means providing kids with the pieces they feel best in. We make simple, beautiful, natural fiber pajamas and loungewear that allow them to rest and recharge and feel like a kid. They're always thoughtfully designed with your kiddo in mind! 

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